Danielle La Valle


Danielle La Valle


Peter Pan Bistro

We went to Peter Pan Bistro on a whim since we had some time to kill before a show. I should mention that I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Peter Pan Bistro or at least since I was a kid shopping with my mom on West Queen West. It is undeniably one of the last fixtures of this neighbourhood. A neighbourhood that is sadly fast resembling an outdoor extension of The Eaton Center.

Review: The Thompson Diner

I am rather partial to diners so I decided to finally try The Thompson Diner. My hesitation at attending a hotel restaurant was defeated by my curiosity over this lovely art deco building. The interior is as you would expect, that of a hotel restaurant meets a diner. This means that there is flocked wallpaper (the expensive kind),velvet brocade upholstery on the booths and the world's ugliest sports bar shoved into the middle.


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