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Danielle La Valle


Interview: Gaby Hoffmann talks Goodbye World

We spoke with Gaby Hoffmann (Crystal Fairy, Girls) about her role as the complicated heroine Laura in Goodbye World, post-apocalyptic life, Dorothy Day, watching Kid Cudi discover the joys of acting and her transition from child to adult actor. I don’t do much to prepare to be honest, it just hasn’t ever been a part of my approach.

Interview: Blair Fukumura discusses his latest project Wound Up

Blair Fukumura is a self taught 3D animator who is currently using Kickstarter to raise the $10,000 necessary to complete his late...

Interview: Director Alan Zweig talks about When Jews Were Funny

In his documentary When Jews Were Funny, Alan Zweig explores the idea of a uniquely Jewish sense of humour, its origins and whethe...

An Interview With Sophie Stephens

When I contacted the artist Sophie Stephens for an interview I was a little nervous. It was sort of a random email from a stranger and I had no idea what response I would get. Thankfully Sophie proved to be as nice as she is talented and she enthusiastically agreed to be interviewed by me and even offered to provide the above original artwork (which is so cool I almost wept when I opened it).

Glowing Doll: My Interview with Basso&Brooke

Through the magic of the internet I was able to conduct an interview with Basso&Brooke on their latest collaboration with Turning Leaf wines: I love prints and want to see them on everything not just blouses and scarves. You two obviously feel the same way, hence your foray into wallpaper and your collaborations with Converse and now Turning Leaf.


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